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Site Updates


Ten years ago, a small English website dedicated to TYPE-MOON was launched to provide its visitors with a plethora of TM information, including TM history, interview translations, articles, and summary of TM's works. TM's English-speaking fan base has grown by leaps and bounds since then, with large communities and people who bring the latest information from Japan, and large wikis and databases with information on TM products and lore. Over time updates slowed down as the need for small, dedicated fansites waned.

On its 10th anniversary, Tsuki-kan will be semi-archived, meaning there will be no more updates made to the site. Small changes may still be applied here and there, but otherwise the site, as is, will be hosted as is for as long as possible. From now on, our staff will focus their attention on TMdict, which will continue to be updated with content.


After a long, long delay, we have finally added the full plot summary for Mahoutsukai no Yoru. Mahoyo is an extremely well-made visual novel, so go play it now! With this update we've also fixed several typos and mistakes found in the Mahoyo section.


Today we bring you an interview from a time long forgotten, back when TYPE-MOON was still a doujin circle, when it had only 5 members, when Tsukihime was the group's defining work. This interview was published in Colorful Moon Tsukihime - Perfect Fan Book in 2002, and contains information on TYPE-MOON's origin, its members, and more. Contents from this interview was also used as a source of information for Tsuki-kan's TM History article.


Big update today! First of all, the site's design has been completely redone from ground up, making this the first major style change since the creation of Tsuki-kan in 2007, woohoo!

Speaking of Tsuki-kan's origin, did you know the TYPE-MOON History article was written before Tsuki-kan the website even existed? In a way, the website itself was conceived to carry that article (of course the site has since grew into something much more). To reflect its importance relative to the site, the History section has been moved from "Misc" to its own stand-alone page (along with a spiffy new menu link to the left). The two Staff Roundtable interviews have also been updated to correct several translation mistakes.

Last but not least, TMdb has been completely rebuilt from ground up. Gone is the old Drupal 7 for content management, all pages are now 100% managed through a static HTML generator + some Javascript magic. This should speed up the site as well as the content creation/updating process considerably. All existing database entries have been ported over, in the next few weeks/months we'll gradually add more items to the database.


With the recent release of Season 1 Fate/stay night UBW Blu-ray box, new information and lores became available by the way of bundled booklets and other goodies. Below is a Question and Answer with Nasu and Takeuichi found in one of the booklets, answering many fan-submitted questions.


Happy Pi Day! Today we announce TMdict, a light-weight, multi-lingual TYPE-MOON glossary website. It is intended to be a simple solution with basic sorting and searching functionality. Current supported languages include English, Chinese, and Japanese. TMdict is not a comprehensive encyclopedia or a wiki, and only carries text and translation of texts found in official materials and books.

This is a collaboration project between the folks from SumiSora's TYPE-MOON board, Tsuki-kan, and a few other TM fans. Big thanks to all the translators who have translated the glossaries, as well as to those from SumiSora

TMdict is an ongoing project, so if you're interested in helping, please let us know!


Another update! This time we have a few interview translations that have been stuck in the pipeline for way longer should have.

The first is an interview with Nasu on the Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin film. The second is an interview with Nasu and Takeuchi on Fate/hollow ataraia that appeared in Hollow material, this interview was pulled previously due to subpar translation, so we went back and re-translated it.

With this update we have finished cleaning out our backlog. There will be one more big announcement in the near future, after which we'll focus our attention on revamping and updating the TMdb. As always, if you spot any inaccuracies or errors, or just want to help out, please let us know!


Big update! Quite a few pages were re-designed and the underlying HTML cleaned up, the site should run a little faster now. Also, hot on the heels of ufotable's Unlimited Blade Works anime adaptation, we have completely re-designed our "Fate" section, which should now serve as a better introduction for those looking to get into the Fate universe.

This marks the first of several large updates, mostly for the purpose of completing changes and features that have been in the back burner for the past few years, as well as an overhaul of the TMdb page that should happen later this year, please look forward to it!


Hello, this is just a quick update to let you all know we are still alive!

A few changes were made to the site: 1) Updating/patching TMdb: Due to our inactivity, the CMS powering the TMdb was horribly out-of-date, it has been patched to the latest version 2) Removing BBS: The whole BBS/user system has been removed since it's not really being used, we want to keep the site simple.

The site has been sitting around collecting dust the last few years, now that we have freed up some time, we're hoping to put out some new content in the near future, so keep an eye out!


Now that we've finally finished everything there is to do in Diablo 3 (until the next patch comes out, that is), time to catch up on site updates and putting out some stuff that's been sitting on the back burner.

With the recent announcement regarding Chunsoft's plan to release their sound novels in the U.S., we present to you an Canaan interview with Chunsoft and TYPE-MOON from TYPE-MOON Ace 3. For those of you waiting for the film adapation of Mirai Fukuin, there's the interview with ufotable's Director of Photography Terao Yuichi. Finally, the "Talk: Nasu Kinoko X Urobuchi Gen" we released a while back was actually incomplete, missing approximately half of the pages, we have now finished translating the rest, so please check out the complete version!

Phew! We hope you enjoy this big update. There are more stuff in the pipeline, let's just hope we don't get sidetracked playing other games this time around...


Celebrating the ending of the Fate/Zero anime, we bring you an interview with Nasu and Urobuchi from ALL OVER/Zero, a bonus booklet that came with the purchase of Fate/Zero volume 4 during Comiket 73 (2007 December). The interview contains a lot of jokes between Nasu and Uro, as well as some legitimate Zero questions... okay, it's mostly jokes, and a lot of cross-referencing of other works.

We've also updated the 4Gamer Mahoyo interview with three special sections on Tsukuri's production process (they were in the original Japanese article, but were left untranslated last time), they can be found scattered in the second half of the interview.


So I blame the lack of updates on Diablo 3.... In other news, we have a new interview this time around, it's the interview by 4Gamer where the TYPE-MOON staff of Mahoutsukai no Yoru talks about the game, its story and characters, as well as the game's sequels, we hope you enjoy reading it!


Hi hi! Not much going on since the last update. There has been a lot of behind-the-scene chabges and upgrades. Quite a few translation errors were fixed in various places in "Kanwa Tsukihime," the "Staff Interviews," etc. We also added an "Incomplete" status to the "TYPE-MOON Incomplete Timeline" to reflect its current status... Finally, with the release of Mahoutsukai no Yoru, we made a final update to our "Mahoyo Delay Log".


Celebrating the upcoming release of Mahoutsukai no Yoru, we have a brand new (and more informative) Mahoyo page (design inspired by this Aniplex page)! Expect more Mahoyo updates in the coming weeks as we get closer to the game's release.

Also, with the second season of Fate/Zero coming in April, here is an interview with Director Aoki Ei, who talks about the upcoming second season.


More organizational update. Some links were updated, and files were moved around.

Since Another is no longer just an experiment, we thought we'd give it a proper name, since "Another" doesn't really ring a bell for most people. It has now been renamed to TMdb, short for "Database of TYPE-MOON products."

We've also fixed various typos and errors in past translations and articles. We do our best to make sure everything is accurate and of highest quality, however mistakes still slip through from time to time, so if you notice anything, please do let us know ^^.


Hi again! Celebrating TYPE-MOON's 10th Anniversary, we have an interview from TYPE-MOON Ace vol.7, featuring Nasu, Takeuchi, and Uro!

Minor improvements have been made throughout the site, the "Misc" page has also been redesigned, now with pretty pictures!

Finally, this is just a small note. In the past, we also ran a small game blog called miscGamer. The blog was closed down at the end the of last year, and the site redirected all traffic to here. So if you got here through miscGamer, now you know why! (As of now, miscGamer is actually no longer accessible) Although, a few of miscGamer's features made it through to this site, such as the small tribute to Cave Story.


As many of you may have noticed, the site has gone through some big structural changes. Another, the TYPE-MOON database (Another), has successfully graduated from our lab a full year after its launch, and the software that powers Another is now used to run most of the site whole (we've gone full circle, from Drupal 6 to static HTML and now to Drupal 7). Aside from a revamp of the site structure, there isn't much change in terms of user experience, but the BBS should be much easier to use now, so post away! Also, a lot of the old articles and some sections have been tucked into the new Miscellanea section. The old "misc/" URLs are all different now, so update them if you have a link to us! Several old articles and features have also been updated.

Please let us know what you think of the updated site!


More content! Aside from the Afterword section that was added to Kanwa Tsukihime, we present you Staff Roundtable - The First Night and Staff Roundtable - The Second Night! They are both quite old, but contain some juicy info on our favorite Tsukihime heroines. Also added is a small page on the model Arcueid is based on.

Last but not least, we have a real special treat for you all. After Lair-soft released Kusarihime (a classic by all means) in 2002, the game's scenario writer, Hoshizora Meteo, brought Nasu Kinoko, Tanaka Romeo, and Urobuchi Gen together to talk about the game. From that talk came a fanbook titled Kusarihime Dokuhon. The three went their separate ways after the meeting. Later, Tanaka Romeo created CROSS†CHANNEL, Urobuchi Gen made Saya no Uta, and Nasu came up with Heaven's Feel route for Fate/stay night. Many attributed this dialog between the "Big 4" as the birthplace of those classics. Without further ado, we present you this famed dialog: "Star Scenario Writer Interview"!

Again, we're also looking for volunteer writers and translators who are interested in helping out with the site. If you are interested, contact us!


Happy new year! To start the year off, a special Afterword section has been added to Kanwa Tsukihime. Keep an eye out for more stuff coming very soon!

Again, we're also looking for volunteer writers and translators who are interested in helping out with the site. If you are interested, contact us!


We've got an early present for you! Things finished ahead of schedule, so without further ado, we present... TYPE-MOON Long Interview - Kanwa Tsukihime!

Kanwa Tsukihime (Tsukihime Idle Talk) is a long interview conducted by Mandarake with TYPE-MOON in 2001, after the release of Tsukihime. The original interview was posted on Mandarake's website (it is no longer available on Mandarake). A revised version of the interview appeared in Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period in 2004. The republished version is more concise, easier to read, with less extraneous words, with unncessary bits left out, and left out an extra section. This is a translation of the original web version of the interview, with several parts revised using contents from the republished version.

We hope you enjoy reading the interview, there are quite a bit of interesting stories and tidbits from TYPE-MOON's early days.

We're also looking for volunteer writers and translators who are interested in helping out with the site. If you are interested, contact us!


Long time no see! This time we come with several editorial articles, some of them from older sites/projects, while others brand new. Editorials are more opinion-based, and have timestamps, since some may be more relevant when read under the context of certain time period.

We also made small improvements here and there, and have been expanding the Another database.

This is not all, however, we have a big feature coming up at the end of the year, please look forward to it!


It's been a while! In the past few months, work on Another has been progressing slowly but surely. The BBS as been improved quite a bit, so feel free to join in on the discussions!

We've got a new interview for you all, this one is a blast from the past, from back when TYPE-MOON was still a doujin company.


Nothing much happened since last month, been busy updating and refining entries in Another, so go take a look when you have time ^^

Other than that, the biggest change would be the Links section, with tons of new links added. Entries for each serie in the Works section has also been updated somewhat, now with a bit more information than before. The Fandom page has been removed since it sort of got merged into the Links section. Finally, little bits of editing and refinement here and there.


We have some HUGE updates! First of all, another new Mahoyo interview in the form of Rebirth of the Origin, from TYPE-MOON Ace 5! Also, we decided from now on to use [Last First] for all Japanese names for consistency purposes.

With that out of way, time for the real news. As you may have noticed, the site looks different in many places. We did a complete overhaul of the site organization-wise. First and foremost, we'd like to reveal our newest experiment, Another. What it is you ask? We hope to eventually grow it into a TYPE-MOON product database, in the sense that all TM products, be it games, books, or collectibles, will eventually get their own entry in the database.

We have already moved all the products from Tsuki-kan's Works section over to Another, which helped make the main site more clean and smaller. Also, the plan is to eventually have users (Anonymous or not) freely contribute to the database (we've all heard that one before).

Also launching with Another is a new discussion board (it lives!). Feel free to discuss anything you want, or (and here's the important part) give us some feedback!

Another is powered by Drupal 7, which came out not long ago. This will also serve as a experiement to test out the new Drupal. Many birds with one stone! Anyways, see below for a full list of changes:


First update of 2011! First of all, we have yet another interview for you all! This one was released a while ago, but should still be somewhat interesting to read. Also, quite a few different sections were updated, including the Timeline!

As the site become bigger and bigger, things are getting harder to organize and update... maybe we'll add a feedback section soon (not that we didn't have one before, it got nuked, lol). Also, the Works section needs to be organized more, need to come up with a better way to organize the works as more and more spin-off/adapation/etc. are released. Look for a new Anime/Manga section soon.


Been a while since the last update, quite a few things happened during the past four months, but first things first, a new interview (note that the translation may be a bit sloppy in certain places... this has been in the works for like, what, six months? The last couple weeks has basically been along the lines of "let's just get this out the door before the new year, and before it decomposes!") Expect more updates in the near future!


From now on the frontpage will be a place for information on the latest site updates, as well as random ramblings. The introductory stuff has been merged into the History section.

Originally there were some big updates planned for the Mahoyo section of the site, but seeing as how the game has been delayed from 9/30 to winter, the updates will probably come at a slower pace.

Finally, in case you missed it, check out two new Mahoyo-related interviews that were posted a few weeks ago: "Tech Gian Mahoutsukai no Yoru Questions and Answers" + "The Secret of Mahoutsukai no Yoru's Birth"