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TYPE-MOON TYPE-MOON's official site. TYPE-MOON's official site before going commercial.
Bamboo Broom Takeuchi and Kinoko's diary site. The top page (not the diary entries) was frozen for a period of time because Takeuchi lost the password.
Nakayoki koto ha Koyama Hirokazu's (DDD artist) site.
Aotsuki Zakki Aotsuki Takao's (TYPE-MOON artist) blog.
The Moonlit World EvoSpace's TYPE-MOON site. One of the earliest and most comprehensive English TYPE-MOON fansite. In 2008 EvoSpace anounced that the site is considered finished and stopped updating it. It was shut down in early 2011 but a backup can be found here. Great for introducing beginners to TYPE-MOON.
TYPE-MOON Wikia TYPE-MOON Wikia page, still growing, although quite a bit of info still seem to be taken straight from Wikipedia.
Fuyuki Rebuild Fuyuki was a TYPE-MOON terminology/encyclopedia wiki by arai that was eventually shut down, this is a backup of the wiki.
Lycee TCG Translation EvoSpace's site on the Lycee Trading Card game that features TYPE-MOON characters.
Dreams of a Nightless City An old but informational site on Tsukihime by Syunsuke.
Melty Bread A Melty Blood fansite with videos, strategies, discussions, and more.
Broad Bridge A relatively new Fate/Extra fansite.
The Fifth Heaven of Hlodj A small Valkyria fansite by Royal Knight.
Code:NASU TYPE-MOON world view hierarchy wiki by Royal Knight.
Lexicon of the King Beast sssssz's wiki on Notes. and Tsukihime.
Index of the King Beast Beast's Lair FAQ, kind of useless now that Beast's Lair lost all of its old posts.
Soth's Blog A blog centered around TYPE-MOON goodies.
J.The.E A frequently updated TYPE-MOON news/information blog.
Beast's Lair One of the oldest and bigest English TYPE-MOON forum. Was shut down by its host in early 2011 and moved to a new host, losing all of its old content in the process.
/fate/ TYPE-MOON imageboard on Wakachan.
Type-moon fan community. TYPE-MOON LiveJournal community.
Let's Play Tsukihime Tsukihime Let's Play, text and images.
Let's Play Fate/stay night Fate/stay night Let's Play, text and images, and the accompanying videos.
Mirror Moon Translation group that releases English patches for various TYPE-MOON games (and many other games too).
rnpatch Fate/stay night Réalta Nua PC patch.
TLWiki Fate/hollow ataraxia translation project hosted on TLWiki.
Baka-Tsuki Light novel translation site, translation of Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai.
Revolve An old translation group that did TYPE-MOON translation, was merged into Mirror Moon.
insani An old group that translated the Fate/stay night demo and the opening movies. Currently inactive.
遠距離はきついぜ★ A small site with translation of various light novel snippets (including TYPE-MOON stuff).
completematerial Fate/complete material 3 translation by arai.
Certifiably Insane Assorted ramblings and translations related to TYPE-MOON, among other things, by Xephfyre.
Gaku Gaku Animal Land TYPE-MOON (among other series) doujin scanaltion site.
Seasons of Change A Japanese blog that reports TYPE-MOON news, one of the best sources for the latest TYPE-MOON news.
型月作品と未定なブログ A Japanese TYPE-MOON news blog that's updated frequently.
月姫研究室 A well-known Japanese TYPE-MOON fansite with in-depth story analysis and information. One of the two major Japanese TYPE-MOON encyclopedia.
奈須きのこ作品用語集 Terminology database on works by Nasu, there's also one on 428 by the same person. One of the two major Japanese TYPE-MOON encyclopedia.
TYPE-MOON Wiki 大百科 Japanese TYPE-MOON wiki.
Unofficial TYPE-MOON BBS Past Log Sstorehouse A backup of the old TYPE-MOON official BBS.
Settings Exploration Archive An archive on real world counterparts for locations in games and anime, including Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Fate, Canaan, and more. Source for Fate/stay night locations. Backup.
にのうちいらず Has a section with cool TYPE-MOON icons.
TYPE-MOON Unofficial BBS One of the largest Japanese TYPE-MOON BBS.
澄空学园【Type-Moon应援会】 A large Chinese TYPE-MOON BBS with a lot of resources and translations.
巴哈姆特 TYPE-MOON 系列 哈啦板 A large Taiwanese TYPE-MOON BBS with a lot of resources and discussions.
动漫123 TYPE-MOON专区 Chinese TYPE-MOON BBS with a lot of pictures of figurines and other goodies.
SOS动漫社团 TM专版 Chinese TYPE-MOON BBS with a lot of nice flier images and promotional materials.
K岛型月揭示板 Large Taiwanese BBS that allows anonymous posting.
Grassmoon 黄昏草月 A popular Chinese TYPE-MOON BBS, contains a lot of useful information and posts, somewhat deserted since 2010.
封印指定的H A Chinese TYPE-MOON news Weibo.
弦月 One of the largest Chinese TYPE-MOON fansite with information on Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, and Melty Blood, not updated that much.
日向之夢 A Chinese TYPE-MOON fansite with a great section on TYPE-MOON characters, lots of spoilers too.
Fateful Night Formerly a comprehensive Chinese Fate/stay night encyclopedia on PcHome by ADAM, disappeared and replaced by ADAM's TYPE-MOON-centric blog.
被砍的Justice A Chinese TYPE-MOON blog by TNTandG with various translations, including DDD and some interviews.
HAYUI 的創作 A Chinese TYPE-MOON blog by 嘯風弄月 with various translations and analysis.
AhnenErbe Cafe A Chinese blog with various TYPE-MOON translations and media.

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