Questions 1: Saber and Irisviel seem to have established a great Master-Servant relationship, and it seems those two have not eaten together? [ Taitō · Yurianna LUV-san ]

nasu Nasu: Because Irisviel is a homunculus, all she really needs is to have her magic re-supplied, and the same applies to Saber, who is a Servant. It's very fortunate that this pair does not have a high demand for food.
uro Uro: Shirou's food education awoke Saber's gourmet spirit 10 years later, at the time of Zero, she probably thought all the food in the world was like fish and chips.

Questions 2: What's the limit of Berserker's ability to "turn any object into Noble Phantasm"? Will it work on a battleship? Why not just hijack a computer and become an existence like Sky*et... please put a stop to my overflowing dreams. [ Kyoto · Musashibō-san ]

nasu Nasu: In theory it's limited to objects that are weapons. An aircraft carrier's role as weapon transportation is ranked higher than it being a weapon, so it shouldn't be counted as a weapon. Something like that. What's your opionion on this, Uro-san?
uro Uro: For Berserker, the Noble Phantasm can only be activated for things he recognizes as "this is a weapon." In that case, if he is skilled in wrestling, can he... turn a steel chair into a Noble Phantasm?

Questions 3: Please tell me who would win in a "no-skirt" competition between Iskandar and Caren? [ Chiyoda · Clerk of a certain large bookstore ]

uro Uro: If it's a real competition, due to Iskander's complex shape, you'll need skirt with an overwhelming number of edges. This is the greatness of the King of Conquerors.
nasu Nasu: You got it all wrong! How can you even compare someone who doesn't wear skirt to someone who doesn't even wear underwear!

Questions 4: Out of the Hundred-Faced Assassins, which Hassan left the deepest impression on you? [ Mie Prefecture · Modern Ninjutsu Study Group member ]

uro Uro: It'll have to be the Hasan who can imitate Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
nasu Nasu: For me it'd be the Hasan who can tell whether a chick (chicken) is male or female.

Questions 5: Even though Kotomine parried Contender's bullet with his inner force, is his Ba Ji Quan really that strong? I'm very interested in this, please tell me. [ Taitō · Bazett☆Tan ]

avenger Avenger: Ah, about that, Master, Urobuchi Ba Ji Quan is an internal style that surpasses external styles, he's also killer of Saibane Fist users, and one of these days he will complete some superhuman technique like the supersonic 6 Hit Fist, so you can't use it for reference. Also, why are you trying to weaponize yourself?
uro Uro: That's a technique that combines Ba Ji Quan and the miracle of magic. It's a feat that can only be accomplished by someone with a suicidal fighting style like Kotomine, who is willing to sacrifice one of his own arms.

Questions 6: In the end did Father Mite repent? Also, my Gin-Pika seems functionally different from the Gin-Pika here, can I return it? [ Taitō · Fuyuki's Holy Virgin ]

neko Neco-Arc: Throwing him away is just too much!
uro Uro: Your Gin-Pika is an ultra-rare "uncorrupted Gin-Pika," please appreciate him.

Questions 7: ...hey hey, are we missing a page here? What happened to the most important character? [ Fuyuki · Fuyuki's Tiger (Current) ]

nasu Nasu: That's enough Fujimura.
uro Uro: I didn't have you make an appearance because of how important you are. Not touching you with these dirty hands is my way of showing my love! Sorry, that was all made up, I just don't want to be burned.

Questions 8: Recently Hollywood has been using F-22, if Hollywood offered that to you, would you still use F-15? Or would you rather use Itano Circus? [ Taitō · Korokazu ]

uro Uro: According to Hollywood settings perhaps the Self-Defense Forces really is more advanced than the U.S. Air Force, using F-22 in the early 90s. The subtle detail of the night vision system on Kiritsugu's rifle also has its own antique flavor.
nasu Nasu: Ho ho ho, let me wreck that face of yours (following text trimmed

Questions 9: Why is my luck stat curiously low... it seems even lower than when I fell to the dark side 10 years later. What kind of curse is this? [ Fuyuki · King of Knights ]

nasu Nasu: In Zero, due to the effect of Urobuchi Gen's Reality Marble, Dead End Catharsis: Heaven and Hell Drop, all character's luck have been lowered by one rank.
uro Uro: But at the same time Kinoko Dimension also took place in Fuyuki, so those who can survive will definitely live. Something this reasonable happens very rarely in Urobuchi's world, so it's already a very considerate measure.

Questions 10: I'm currently playing this game called Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, is there any way to get rid of this Social Interactions and Relationships system? Just because I pillaged a little bit and executed a person I didn't like, now no one wants to join me, no one wants to talk to me, and Sun Shangxiang won't even marry me. This is so weird! How can I conquer like this? Are all Chinese people this narrow-minded? [ Fuyuki · King of Conquerors ]

nasu Nasu: Kusoge tsumaran! (Greetings). About that, sorry, but please participate in the Grail War seriously. If you want to play games, do it during breaks. Ah, and Civilization isn't too bad either.
uro Uro: Right, and someone like your excellency shouldn't touch Elder Scrolls IV either. Its system would be too harsh for a conqueror, where pressing A by mistake can turn an entire city's guards into your enemy.

Questions 11: It's a bit sudden, but can we please discuss this. I'm currently dying in a back alley, and suddenly this weird cane calling itself Kaleido Stick appears and says something like "make a contract with me, if we make this contract, not only will you not die, but some eggplant or mushroom guy will even make a game where I'm the main character." What should I do? Should I make the contract? [ Fuyuki · Kotone ]

nasu Nasu: Please make the contract, that wand is a magical tool that can lead you to the top of the world, its Ruby persuasion skill is harsher than any words. Ah, but please understand that we will need to take out someone from the main heroines.
uro Uro: Hmm, at least it's better than turning into something like an organ (instrument) or umbrella.

Questions 12: Diarmuid tastes so good. [ Causal horizon · All the evil of the world ]

uro Uro: Among Fuyuki's local specialty of Servants, we carefully picked out the tragic Celtic hero, have him commit suicide through a Command Seal to ensure the ingredient's freshness. Our restaurant's main chef is very confident in and highly recommends this Lancer dish. There's nothing better than hearing that you enjoyed it.

Questions 13: ...Is it a tradition that the Saber class is always beaten by the Lancer class at the start of the story? [ Wales · Pig of Cornwall ]

nasu Nasu: That also surprised me, it's something to be admired. Please understand the power of Urobuchi Gen, who faithfully followed the beginning of Fate/stay night's story. But... to think he also copied its ending! That person really is a demon! (Biting a handkerchief while crying)

Questions 14: Is the reason Lancer didn't bring Moralltach and Beagalltach this time also because he (Kayneth) didn't listen to his wife? Would Beagalltach even be of use this time? [ Ireland · Pig of Ben Bulben ]

uro Uro: Diarmuid is a nice guy who can read a situation. It would be a bit too much to bring out a sword as a Lancer. This time there was no advice from the wife. At the most she's just a fiancé. To Kayneth, that is.

Questions 15: Aaaand on the subject of Berserker, you three got along, with no one ever screaming at the others to do something? [ Massachusetts · Written as the moon-killing Char's Zaku (Because it's red) ]

neko Neco-Arc: So the yangire makes her appearance. Even though I'm jealous of your depravity and evilness, please be careful just in case, not everyone can live freely like you. Oh right, AB, you seem to have become weak ever since you became a playable character. Even though I was always badly beaten by you when you were controlled by the computer, I lost miserably within a single round while using you myself.

Questions 16: The middle-aged man of Fuyuki, Kiritsugu, holds two powers. One of them is the Command Seal, the power to give absolute command to the strongest Servant. The other power is the Contender. With magical bullets that have the power to destroy a mage's magic circuit, carrying with him the nickname "Magus Killer," Kiritsugu began making his move. To obtain the Holy Grail, and to create a peaceful world where everyone can live in happiness. [ Area 11 · Pizza Hut regular ]

nasu Nasu: At the end of a long misunderstanding, Kiritsugu was finally able to reconcile with Iri. Little did he know that Iri would take a simple joke like "For example, to kill all humans?" seriously. Later, a blood stained Iri.
uro Uro: But volume 4 almost turned out this way.

Questions 17: How come papa Risei is Seagal? [ Chiyoda · Akane-chan ]

nasu Nasu: Thinking about it from another perspective, he is Seagal because he is papa Risei.

Questions 18: In the 3rd volume, I became moe for Sola-Ui after she experiences the joy of first love. A page later she got her arm cut off. In Zero's world, is there a law that states "Feeling happiness is a precursor to BAD END"? [ Mifune City · Servant Yandere's Glasses ]

nasu Nasu: To heartless girls, "Ah, I will receive happiness after this," "I will get married after the war is over," and "My child is about to be born" are all curses of the same rank, please be extra cautious.
uro Uro: There's no point in showing mercy to those drowning in the river of love. Don't you agree, Jason sensei?

Questions 19: My family is a drapery wholesaler, if I looked around our warehouse, will be able to find a magic book like the Kiryū boy? If possible I'd like it to be a Japanese Servant. [ Fuyuki · Kaede Makidera ]

neko Neco-Arc: Hm, how about just summoning someone like Nasu?

Questions 20: What's Urobuchi's favorite scene? Also, if it exists, please tell us about something you didn't finish. [ Taitō · Mountain of Mash Tree ]

uro Uro: Even though it's for my own enjoyment, probably the great revival of the true Gilgamesh. I also wanted to dedicate more pages to Kariya and Sola-Ui. Uh... but it probably wouldn't turn out to be a happy scene if I were to write it. Looks like Sola-Ui really is someone who can truly shine only in doujinshi.

Finish! Good work today.