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This Afterword appeared at the end of the revised interview in 「Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period」 that was released in 2004.
Nasu Kinoko
Welcome to the hastily-assembled afterword!
How did you like the time leap from winter 2000 to 2004?
We know there are many users out there with tons of love for 「Tsukihime」, but we don't intend on letting them outshine US. Everything TYPE-MOON has to offer is stuffed into this. From our stupidly honest early impulses, to our oppressive fervor, to our amateurness that led us to even hate time itself. This is everything that represents TYPE-MOON.
It's already been 4 years since 「Tsukihime」 was released. Looking back now, 「Tsukihime」 was a starting point, but I also realized it's a special kind of work that we will never be able to create again. I'm not talking about sequels here, I'm just saying -- we will never be able to make something again with those same initial impulses.
TYPE-MOON was supposed to disband after releasing 「Tsukihime」, but it didn't. Only God knows what'll happen to us from here, but I hope we can just keep trudging on with our own style...and I hope we can always return here. one knows what's going to happen in life, though.
The world is full of agony, so I hope you'll stay with us as long as you can.
Takeuchi Takashi
Now, enough with my meandering. The point is, we were successful in creating a great 「Tsukihime」 book. This project started in mid-2003. We weren't able to work on it because of the work we had to do on the new game, so it ended up taking another year to come out. Ohzora Publishing, I'm really sorry. We caused you a lot of trouble. (sweat)
I wasn't really enthusiastic about making an official book for 「Tsukihime」, but business-wise, it was good timing for TYPE-MOON, and we ourselves wanted to draw a line on the fact that 「Tsukihime」 is a symbol of the "doujin" world.
In the beginning, the title was 「Tsukihime Art Works」, but looking back, it didn't feel right to use that kind of name with 「Tsukihime」, and we though the word "Dokuhon" (Reader) would fit much better.
It isn't a book you 'look at,' but a book you 'read.'
That's the base concept of the book.
It was harder than I thought to write comments for old drawings. (Laughs)
We had another secret concept, and that was to make a meaningful book for ourselves. It would be a book for readers to read, and a memory album for us.
"We have to somehow save all that 'youth' and 'energy' that went into making 「Tsukihime」!" I thought. I also talked about this in the Mandarake interview.
Oh yeah, then there was the interviews. I didn't think it'd be that embarrassing to include my own interviews in a book like this. But as I writhed in shame, I worked my best to recreate the atmosphere of the 「Tsukihime」 era.
We were able to really put our best into the layout, structure, and details because Ohzora Publishing agreed to let us extend the deadline, and had a very diligent production staff that helped us edit. Thank you so much. This started out as a project to draw a line on 「Tsukihime」, but it became much more than that to us.
And more than anything, I just hope you all enjoyed the book.
My name is OKSG, pronounced "Okashige."
I did a little work on making footnotes in the interviews.
It may sound weird coming from me, but these years we spent in the 「Tsukihime」 era were the most enriching years I've had in my entire life...that's how I feel. Those who touch 「Tsukihime」 for the first time with this book will be able to feel the energy that we all had during that time.
And thanks to everyone for all their hard work on the book. I really hope that you can all revisit 「Tsukihime」 when you pick up the book yourselves.
...ah, but it'd be boring if I ended this with such a cool line. So, uh, Akiba Moe.