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Staff Roundtable - The First Night

Published on in 2001
The First Night | The Second Night
Translation by Molokidan

The First Night
This was recorded in a late night chat on January 26, 2001. Takeuchi Takashi, Nasu Kinoko, and OKSG took part. The theme was "Arcueid." Of course, there are lots of other things we talk about too, like salamanders and Sister-hime.
Late in the evening of January 26, 2001, in a certain chat room--
Nasu I'm first! Heheheh. No one's here yet.
Takeuchi Sorry to keep you waiting.
Nasu Oh, you're here. But where's our host?
...Sorry I'm late.
Takeuchi OK, let's get started!
We will now begin the First Night of our Tsukihime Chat.
Takeuchi Looking forward to it.
Nasu Yaaay. Clap clap.
Tonight we'll be talking about Arc. But feel free to relax and digress as much as you like.
Takeuchi Okay!
Nasu Let's begin.
OK, here's the first question. How did the character "Arcueid" come about?
Takeuchi When did we come up with her?
Nasu Wow... it was so long ago I can't remember.
Takeuchi I think she was originally one of Nasu's ideas for use in a novel.
Nasu Ah, right. She wasn't the cheerful vampire she is now, but more of a cold one.
Takeuchi Oh really?
Nasu She was a stereotypical vampire.
Takeuchi She's always been cute in my mind...
Nasu The Arcueid we know now is the total opposite. And the main character used to be middle-aged. (laugh)
Takeuchi Middle-aged?
Nasu Shiki was an old, worn-down killer.
Takeuchi That doesn't sound very lovely.
Nasu It wasn't a lovely story. I mean, he even says to Arcueid when she approaches him "I have no interest in women I've already killed once."
Takeuchi ...Oh, now it's coming back to me...
So he can't enjoy her unless she's a virgin?
Nasu Pretty much, yeah.
Takeuchi Now that we've finished 「Tsukihime」, I kind of want to read the original version again.
You mean the erotic novel where an old man has his way with sisters, maids, and elementary schoolers?
Nasu ......Kinoko was still an innocent young boy when he wrote that. He just recently got into erotic works!
H! Kinoko H!
Nasu Anyway, the original story was completely different than what it is now. Only the keyword concept of "a biting relationship between a murderer who can see lines of death and a vampire" remained.
Takeuchi You really worked hard to make this into a love comedy.
Nasu Because you threatened to kill me if I didn't!
Arc gave me a cold, princess-like impression at first.
Nasu Me too. But that would overlap with Akiha. We can't have a Lady AND a Princess.
When I started the game, I was really shocked...
Takeuchi Good point. (laugh) In a way she became the most "standard" one.
Nasu Also, the moment I thought up the idea of a "pure white" vampire, she really became different from the original vampire.
Takeuchi In a way, it was through the process of elimination that Arc turned out this way.
Nasu Yeah.
Takeuchi At first all our heroines spoke politely to the main character.
Nasu Yeah. Was Arcueid that way too? I think she was a "Noble Vampire" at first...
Takeuchi But then we figured that if we had to have one character who didn't speak politely, it'd be Arc... basically she was the only one who could fit that role.
Nasu As a result, she became a big success.
Takeuchi We didn't have a character to act as the main character's classmate, either...
Nasu What about Sacchan, she's a classmate.
Takeuchi We hadn't even thought up Satsuki at that point!
Nasu We had her prototype! That reaaaally nice person.
Takeuchi Few people know that Sacchan was actually originally a gay male classmate...
Nasu Takeuchi-kun! Are you serious?!
Takeuchi Yeah, don't you remember?
Nasu Ohhh! That guy! Yeah!
You mean another friend, separate from Arihiko?
Takeuchi Would you call him a friend?
Nasu He was just a crazy person who thought Shiki was his friend.
Takeuchi Ah, yeah, that's it.
Nasu Good thing we didn't make all the enemies in the first half pseudo vampires, huh!
Takeuchi I dunno, I think we could have done something good with him. He might not have beaten the actual Satsuki, though.
Nasu Hmmm... nah, I don't think so. He sort of overlaps with the guy in the 「Alliance of Illusionary Eyes」.
Takeuchi Yeah, a little.
Some people think the name Arcueid comes from the name Alucard.
Nasu The name didn't come to me at first. Then Takeuchi-kun said "Let's use Arcueid from that stock of names you have."
Takeuchi That was originally supposed to the name of a different character in a different story.
Nasu I figured if we were doing a vampire story, I wanted to set it in my own kind of world, where I could have a unique character like Arcueid appear. As a result, there're lots of long-winded explanations. The first half became trivia hell.
Takeuchi That's probably the only bad part I can think of. The explanations are long.
Nasu How about the design, Takeuchi-kun?
Takeuchi It was fun to draw.
Any existing characters you used as references when drawing?
Takeuchi I did have a model.
Nasu Oh really? Who?
Takeuchi About six years ago, when I was in college, I was looking through a fashion magazine at a friend's house and saw a really cute foreign model.
Nasu Delmo! (TL note: A slang where the syllables/letters are swapped, デルモ → "beautiful", from「モデル」 "model")
Takeuchi She left such an impression on me, I decided I wanted to work her into one of my own characters no matter how much trial and error it took. I really only had a very vague image, though...
How about uploading her photo along with this?
Takeuchi A while back when Kinoko, myself, and some friends went on a trip to Nikko, I looked out at the snowy wonderland and though: "What if that girl was really a vampire...?"
Nasu Yeah, it was love at first sight with her. I remember talking six years ago about how charming she'd be if she was a vampire.
Takeuchi Yeah, Nasu knew about that model too, so he agreed to go with that image.
I bet everyone reading this now really wants to see her photograph. OK, here you go! (Photo)
Takeuchi That's really when Arc's image took shape with us. I'm not sure if I succeeded visually, though. (sweat)
Nasu Haven't you? I couldn't imagine another Arc now.
So you both thought of Arc as "white?"
Nasu Yes, her image "color" was white. She was also pure in terms of appearance and personality.
Do pure people usually shout out "Basement Melody? (TL note: Arc's Image Song)" (laugh)
Takeuchi She seemed so transparent, that we decided to balance her out with the vampire image.
Nasu Speaking of Nikko, all I can remember from that trip is the horrible time we had at the amphibian institute.
Takeuchi There were a lot of salamanders there. (laugh)
Nasu And hey, that was a science lab! Why did I call it an institute?
Nasu ...Sorry. Let's stop talking about the amphibians...
Takeuchi I also remember it being ridiculously cold...
I thought up a lot of questions, so how about we go on to the next one? (laugh)
Takeuchi OK, go ahead.
Nasu Yes, let's be efficient here!
Arc's had a lot of sketch requests, much like Akiha and Naeko from 「Valkyrie」, but do you think her overall popularity is among users?
Nasu ...The popularity is all over the place for 「Tsukihime」's heroines. Honestly, I think everyone's equal aside from Ciel.
Takeuchi I dunno...(laugh) I'm very curious myself.
Nasu Oh, but I like Arcueid, myself. Especially when she's mad.
Takeuchi Personally, I think she's pretty well-liked overall. Meaning she doesn't have a special niche attached to her. (laugh)
Who do you like, Takeuchi-san? (Forced)
Nasu Isn't it obvious? (laugh)
Takeuchi Me? Oh, come on, I like everyone...
Nasu Ahahahahaha! Don't make me laugh, kid!
Takeuchi I think that all 「Sister-hime」 fans will like Akiha. (laugh) That's what I learned after watching OKSG.
What a scandalous thing to say!
Takeuchi You know you like it. Why can't you be honest with yourself?
Nasu Really? I thought all you were about were little sisters, OKSG.
Ideally, it's the (older) girl next door. Having windows that face each other would be best.
Nasu You're really a maniac.
Takeuchi Well, personally, I'm more of a maid guy myself. I favor Hisui. Sorry, but I can't deny my roots...
Nasu Your roots, huh? Yeah, I guess you can't deny it then...
Takeuchi I doubt Arcueid has many crazy fans, but I think that's because she's just such a perfect heroine.
Nasu Other stories may have their really exciting parts, but I like Arcueid's story the best. I really like the way Hisui and Arcueid's story ended, especially since I didn't have to rewrite any of it.
Takeuchi I made you rewrite Kohaku's?
Nasu Kohaku's scenario was nothing but difficult, because I had to go and write the entire thing after finishing the beta version. I only had ten days!
Takeuchi Huh? (laugh) Really? But didn't it take you a month in the end?
Nasu That includes the scenario programming! That week was like one long day. I hardly got any sleep, and I was so frightened about not being able to finish it, that I couldn't rest even if I wanted to.
Takeuchi I feel like I've forgotten a lot of the hardships we had...
Nasu Yeah. We could write a whole book about those.
Draw a manga called 「The Men Who Created Tsukihime」. (laugh)
Nasu Next question!
Takeuchi Next, next!
Fine, next question. We have the True Ancestor Arcueid, and then the airhead Arcueid. Has she always been this way?
Nasu No. Before, she never had a chance to show her airhead side. In the story, like Arc herself says, the airhead side of herself was the result of being "broken." By who? Shiki! Remember, the old Arc never spoke.
Takeuchi She's not really an airhead, just kinda childish.
Nasu Just very honest. Ahh, but... I guess that was present in her foundation.
The old Arc did seem very doll-like to me, but wasn't she really attached to Roa like a cat?
Takeuchi Yeah, I want to hear about that too. Seems like you could make that drama into a short story.
Nasu No, no way. The only time they ever met was during blood sucking.
Wait, so Roa was watching her that whoooole time from the shadows? He was a Night Stalker?
Nasu When Arc was first suffering from the side-effects of vampirism in the castle, he crept up behind and asked "Are you in pain?" Trying to seduce her with sweet words. Then Arc sucked his blood. Roa died immediately there. After he was brought back to life, he became distant from Arc, only meeting her again to finish things. But they never even spoke at that point, either.
Takeuchi Really...? What a disappointment.
Nasu If Roa could be a stalker, that tragedy wouldn't have happened.
Things may have seemed romantic from Roa's point of view, though.
Takeuchi It seemed like he didn't even understand his own feelings through to the end, though. There's romance, but maybe not enough drama.
Nasu Eh? Maybe it was only a moment long, but for that moment, it was an eternal delusion. What's more romantic than that?
Serpents need no romance! Cancel the romance!
Nasu I am Raoh! I need no love!
On to the next! Arcueid has a very foreign body, doesn't she? She's tall, right?
Nasu I think she's the tallest out of the female characters...
Yeah, Shiki is pretty short, too. If Arc wore pumps...
Takeuchi She'd be about the same height as him.
Nasu Yeah, maybe. To me Shiki is an assassin, so if he was too tall, he wouldn't be able to sneak around.
Takeuchi Next is Ciel and Akiha, and HisuKoha are both about a head shorter than Shiki.
Nasu I agree.
Takeuchi I guess Satsuki's between Akiha and Hisui? Maybe Akira's in there too.
I see. How about their proportions, then? I've heard some startling rumors about Ciel...
Nasu You can fit three curry buns in there.
Ooh, so if you use the Mystic Eyes of Direct Death then you can eat some curry buns?
Takeuchi To me, Arc has the most curvaceous body.
So then is Akiha the flattest?
Takeuchi Akiha's an A cup, HisuKoha are C cups. Ciel and Arc are E cups. But you know, Ciel's true best point is her ass. (laugh)
Nasu I agree again! You are indeed the man who has full reign over the heroine's measurements... really, though? Ciel's ass?
Takeuchi ...let's just say she has child-bearing hips.
Nasu Oh wait, so all the heroines have pre-defined charm points.
Takeuchi Not really her ass, more her entire posterior! It makes you say "Damn, look at what she's got down there."
Nasu ......Oh no, you might have really hit something there for me. Senpai's stocks are going way up in Nasu Land now!
So that's why Arc always makes fun of her for having a big ass.
Takeuchi Yes! (laugh)
Nasu ...Look at what we've done to the heroines' relationships now...
Speaking of which, why are they on such bad terms? The whole murder thing was sort of unavoidable...
Nasu It was really just inspiration. They're like a cobra and a mongoose! They fight each other, but it's also because they've had intense battles in the past.
What about the whole "I'm rich (gold), you know!" line? Where does she get her money?
Nasu Arc's rich. Not with cash, but gold.
Don't tell me she materialized it with Marble Phantasm?!
Nasu No, it's real gold. There's a special gold exchange shop for "fugitives" in the Mage's Association. The owner of that shop seems to be a fan of Arc's, so she always has money (gold).
Takeuchi But she doesn't dress rich, does she just not care? Does she wear silk undies? Does she even WEAR undies?
N-n-n-n-n-no panties?!
Nasu I guess... she doesn't. It may seem like she doesn't care about her clothes at first, but she eventually changes this to make Shiki happy.
Takeuchi She wears panties. Let me just say that.
Nasu Oh really?
Like thongs and see-thru panties?
Nasu You know, I'd love to keep talking about this, but let's just go on to the next question. (laugh)
This will be the final question. Honestly, how "strong" is Arcueid? To what degree can she utilize her Marble Phantasm ability?
Nasu If Arc takes off her limiter, she can probably materialize an entire small village in the mountains. But in modern towns that have been built up thanks to the work of many people, she has to destroy in order to create. More time is necessary. During this time, the Church would find her, then shout "Stop!" and then it'd become a war. It's very hard to face humans simply with Marble Phantasm. Maybe other creatures, but not humans. Honestly, though, Arc is like a God. A spirit in flesh.
Is that something you can say of all the True Ancestors?
Nasu There are all types of True Ancestors, strong and weak. Arcueid can stand her ground with the first True Ancestor, so she's in a league of her own. By the way, the Marble Phantasm stuff is all connected to the "clustering illusion" theory of probability.
I see. I feel like I sort of understand, and sort of don't. Thank you for all for your time, this has been an excellent chat.
Nasu Yes it has. With that said, look out fo 「Tsukihime 2」! (Is that ok...?)
I think everyone's now learned about the true charm that Arcueid possesses.
Nasu I hope so... I'm kind of doubtful on that one.
Takeuchi Will that be all?
Yes. What's the theme for next time?
Nasu Next time we'll focus on Ciel-senpai, who has the honor of being the lowest in rank.
So Ciel fans had better mark their calendars!
Nasu Yes. There's a lot I can say about her. Things like curry.
Were you thinking of the Yellow Ranger when you made her uniform yellow?
Nasu I think I'll be leaving now. Is it ok if I log off now?
Takeuchi Yep. Good night.
That'll be it for today then.
Nasu Goodbye.
Takeuchi Thank you everyone. Goodbye.
Gooooooodbye, everyone!
(January 27, 2001 - 2:04 AM)
Well? How did you enjoy the chat? It was more of an interview than a chat, since we had some questions prepared to ask.
So maybe it wasn't a perfect "chat."
It went on for two hours, but because of our page here and because "it'd be painful to see (laugh)" we omitted some parts. Both Takeuchi and Nasu's digressions were truly fantastic, though. (laugh) The chat ended without a single one of our questions being cleared up.
Toward the end, we were running out of time and had to rush a little. We ended up focusing on the theme, so we unfortunately didn't get to hear much from Takeuchi about the art.
Next time we'll focus more on addressing that.
See you next time!
(Interviewer: OKSG)
The Second Night