Witch on the Holy Night

"Near the end of the Showa Era. (Late 1980s)
In the old mansion rumored that a witch lives, Aoko Aozaki who just started learning sorcerey and her teacher, a young mage Alice Kuonji, lived together.
But as if he was guided by an invisible string of fate, a young boy called Souichirou Shizuki joins them and a strange commmunal life begins..."

"Late 1980s. The golden age full of brightness and spirits. The boy who came to the urban city passes by the two witches who live in the present"

"The boy lived a really normal life
She lived with pride and confidence
The girl lived hidden as if she’s asleep"

—From Tech Gian Magazine / translation by Akihabara Channel



Aozaki Aoko / 蒼崎青子

A modern day magus. Despite her family's magic bloodline, she lived a normal life all the way until junior high, when her grandfather suddenly decided to pass her the family heritage. Thanks to her cheerful and confident personality, she quickly adjusted to her new life. The kind of girl who seems to be special, yet can also be seen everywhere. She is also the student council president.


Kuonji Alice / 久遠寺有珠

A witch who lived isolated from the outside world since the time she was born. Currently living in a small city in Japan after moving out of her homeland England, and is attending the all-girls private school Reien Girl's Academy. A quiet girls who doesn't mind being alone, someone who likes to keep to herself, a girl left behind by time.


Shizuki Soujuurou / 静希草十郎

A countryside boy who recently moved into the city, an experience akin to stepping through a time portal. Curious about anything and everything while quickly getting used to modern society. His has a friendly personality and can easily get along with those around him. A guy without any special quality, yet somehow cannot qualify as a truly average person.


Tsukiji Tobimaru / 槻司鳶丸

Vice president of the student council. His actions and rude speech don't match his background of growing up in a wealthy family. Often seen chatting with the new exchange student Soujuurou. Rumors has it that he and Aoko are going out, but according to himself: "it's impossible to go out with that 'thing' even if the world was to end."


Kumari Kojika / 久万里金鹿

Aoko and Soujuurou's classmate, the student council's treasurer who has known Aoko since her first year. A realist who seems to dislike boys of the same age due to their tendency to do idiotic things. Cute on the surface, yet underneath her appearance lays a scary personality, an existence feared by fellow male classmates.


Kinomi Housuke / 木乃美芳助

Soujuurouu's classmate and co-worker at the same part-time job. A straightforward person who always has a cheerful atmosphere around him, and also an idiot who likes to act without thinking. "He is pretty handsome when not talking, what a shame when he opens his mouth" is the collective opinion from girls around him.


Fumizuka Eiri / 文柄詠利

The local church's priest, height 1.91 meters, a calm person who occasionally uses his position to speak harshly. The only child of the Fumizuka family, which has close ties with the Aozaki family. Very scared of Alice.


Suse Ritsuka / 周瀬律架

Older sister of Yuika who also works at the church. Unlike her sister, Ritsuka has an outgoing personality. She originally chose a different path than her sister, but in recent years ended up settling in the same city. Admires Alice and Soujuurou, but hates Aoko for some reason.


Suse Yuika / 周瀬唯架

A nun working at the church and younger twin sister of Ritsuka. Born with near-sightedness and is currently blind. Well known in the city and very dedicated to her work. She doesn't seem to have many friends. Began working at the church a few years earlier than her sister.


Chapter 1–2 『A day in her life』

The story begins with a flashback to Aoko's childhood, when she accidentally killed a family of cats hiding in her father's car's engine. She asked her grandfather to revive the cats, but her grandfather is unable to do it.

Fast forward to the present, the late 1980s, Aozaki Aoko is currently living with Kuonji Alice in a large mansion on top of the hill of Misaki Town as she studies under Alice to become a mage. During the day they both live normal lives as high school students. Aoko, the student council president, is asked by her homeroom teacher Yamashiro to show the school to a new transfer student named Shizuki Soujuurou. Despite her annoyance and unreasonable anger towards Soujuurou, Aoko does her job.

The next few days focus on the daily lives of Aoko, Alice, and Soujuurou. Soujuurou, having lived his whole life in the mountains, is struggling to get used to city and school life, and works multiple part-time jobs just to get by. At school, Soujuurou quickly becomes friends with Tsukiji Tobimaru, the student council vice president, and Kinomi Housuke, a classmate and co-worker at the same part-time job. The two help Soujuurou with adjusting to the city life and getting on good terms with Aoko, who is irritated by Soujuurou for no reason.

Chapter 3–4 『Incident in the dark』

At night, Aoko and Alice moves around in the city to defeat enemies sent by an unknown mage, who they suspect is trying to take over their territory. Although they have no trouble defeating the enemies sent by the mage, one night while on his way back from work, Soujuurou accidentally witnesses Aoko's battle, and runs away before neither Aoko nor Alice could identify him.

Those who stumble upon a mage's world must be eliminated, so Aoko and Alice spend the next few days looking for the trespasser. Once they discover Soujuurou to be the one, Aoko makes plan to eliminate Soujuurou by inviting him to an abandoned amusement park in the next town.

Chapter 5 『Night of the witches』

At the amusement park, Aoko attempts to kill Soujuurou as she chases him in a house of mirrors. However, they're interrupted by a puppet that looks like Aoko. The puppet, sent the by the unknown mage from earlier, attempts to kill Aoko, but is destroyed along with the house of mirrors by Aoko with the help of Soujuurou.

Just as Aoko decides Soujuurou is not such a bad person and agrees to spare him for the time being, Alice appears out of nowhere and announces her intention of not letting Soujuurou leave the place alive. Alice unleashes an ancient Ploy, or familiar, called Flat Snark that can bring objects from fantasy to life. Flat Snark turns the entire amusement park into a fairytale-like land filled with monsters as Aoko and Soujuurou attempts to flee the park. At the end of the epic battle, with the help of Soujuurou, Aoko destroys Flat Snark with her signature magic missile. Before all is over, Soujuurou saves Aoko from one final attack from the still-alive Aoko puppet before it is finally destroyed.

Chapter 6–9 『Life in the manor』

Having lost to Aoko, Alice agrees to let Soujuurou live, with the condition that eventually they erase his memory. Much to Alice's dismay, Aoko forces Soujuurou to live in the mansion so she can keep an eye on him until the spell for erasing memory is found.

In the days that follow, Soujuurou struggles to fit in and get used to living with the two mages. As time goes by, Aoko and Alice slowly warm up to Soujuurou. In an attempt to further strengthen their friendship, Soujuurou gifts Aoko and Alice tickets to an aquarium while he stays home to watch the house. While the two mages are gone, Soujuurou receives a visit from the unknown mage that has been attacking Aoko and Alice. The enemy mage turns out to be Touko, Aoko's older sister who is back for revenge and to take back what she feels should have been hers.

Chapter 10–11 『Beginning of the night』

Now aware of their enemy's true identity, Aoko and Alice split up to confront Touko. Alice encounters Touko first and the two battles. Just when it seems Alice has the upper hand, Touko reveals her trump card, a phantasm golden werewolf named Lugh Beowulf who is immune to magic. Alice is severely wounded and left to die as Touko and Lugh leaves to fight Aoko. Soujuurou, after learning of Alice's predicament from Touko, decides to help and runs out to help the injured Alice, carrying her back to the mansion.

Alice asks Soujuurou to bring her to the Church, where she requests help from the Eiri, Yuika, and Ritsuka. They find a badly wounded Aoko and bring her back to the Church as well. As Aoko and Alice recuperate and plan their next and final battle with Touko, Soujuurou talks to Aoko and Eiri to learn more about Aoko's past as well as himself.

Chapter 12 『Witch on the holy night』

Aoko and Alice, despite their weakened state, go out at night to confront Touko before Touko can officially take over their territory. As the two are about to be defeated by Touko and Lugh again, Soujuurou shows up and, much to everyone's surprise, defeats Lugh by temporarily rapturing his heart. Although Lugh immediately recovers, he becomes aware of the concept of death and is unable to continue the fight. Just as Aoko is expressing her amazement at Soujuurou's feat, Touko kills Soujuurou, prompting Aoko to activate the time-based Fifth Magic, the skill that she inherited from her family and which Touko is trying to take. Aoko brings Soujuurou back to life and easily defeats Touko. Just as Aoko is about to kill Touko, Soujuurou stops her, resulting in her to instead place a curse on Touko so that she could never come back to Misaki Town.

Chapter 13 『What happened today』

Days after the final battle, on New Year's Eve, Aoko brings Soujuurou to her home, where her grandfather could erase both his and Aoko's memory. It is revealed through their conversation that the mountain village where Soujuurou came from may actually be a training ground for assassins cut off from the outside world, which explains why Soujuurou was able to stand up to Lugh. Upon meeting Soujuurou, Aoko's grandfather changes his mind and decides something as troublesome as erasing memory should be done by Aoko herself. As a result, Soujuurou continues to live with Aoko and Alice in the mansion. The two mages have long since accepted him to be a member of their home, and despite having already found the memory-erasing spell, decides to overlook the spell and let him live in the mansion with them.

Side Story 『Potete dormire, ma nessun rida』

The side story, whose title roughly translates to "You can sleep, but don't laugh!", is different from the main story in that the player can make choices, where wrong choice can lead to various bad endings. The story takes place approximately a year after the main story of Mahoutsukai no Yoru, and focuses on Kumari Kojika, treasurer of the student council, as she and other characters go to Alice's mansion for a birthday party. The guests soon find themselves trapped in the mansion as the party turns into a murder scene. They find out this is caused by one of Alice's Ploys, and that anyone who laughs will die.

The story is similar to that of And Then There Were None and Umineko, as the participants must find out which one of the guests is an impersonation by the familiar before they are all eliminated. In this side story May Riddell Archelot, a mage and idol, is introduced as Alice's childhood friend. It is also revealed that Lugh decided to hang around after the main story and is following Soujuurou everywhere, becoming friends with everyone in the process. Also, Touko has long since broken the curse, as she was also invited to the birthday party, but fell victim to the strange murder game.

In the end it is revealed that not only is Soujuurou impersonated by the Ploy, but that there are actually two impersonations, with the second one being Kojika herself. Kojika, having solved the mystery, decides to end everything despite the Ploy's temptation. The next day everyone wakes up without any memory of the previous night and looks forward to the party.