TYPE-MOON Long Interview - Kanwa Tsukihime

Kanwa Tsukihime (Tsukihime Idle Talk) is a long interview conducted by Mandarake with TYPE-MOON in 2001, after the release of 「Tsukihime」.

The original interview was posted on Mandarake's website (it is no longer available on Mandarake). A revised version of the interview appeared in 「Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period」 in 2004. The republished version is more concise, easier to read, with less extraneous words, with unncessary bits left out, and left out an extra section.

This is a translation of the original web version of the interview, with several parts revised using contents from the republished version.

TYPE-MOON Long Interview

Do you know anyone who can write 40 manuscript pages per day?
Who will cut hours from their sleep and rest time to draw?
Who will contract hundreds of store entities "for the fans?"

I do.
The doujin circle TYPE-MOON.

I've heard their voices mumbling complaints as they work toward shocking levels of quality. (This interview happened on May 24, 2001)

Nasu Kinoko
Director and Composer for TYPE-MOON scenarios.
Nasu's minute, serene sentences and destructive, misleading kanji usage have a way of entrancing readers. Nasu's original novels are published by his other circle, Bamboo Broom.

Takeuchi Takashi
Representative of TYPE-MOON, his areas of expertise are art, planning, and maids. He's basically a nice guy that really really loves maids. His original manga is published through Bamboo Broom.

Administrator of the TYPE-MOON home page.
A fan of Nasu and Takeuchi since their early days. She was in charge of food for the scenario writer and provided production assistance for Tsukihime. Currently, she does secretarial work and sales.

Tsukihime Idle Talk
-In which we ask TYPE-MOON many different questions-
(10 parts + 2 extras)

This interview concerns the doujin game 「Tsukihime」, which came out in 2000 and spread like wildfire by word of mouth, and the surprising doujijn circle TYPE-MOON that created it. We're going to be talking about 「Tsukihime」, what came before it, and the secrets of its creation, so we hope you enjoy it.
-Ogino (Doujin Division)

Recommended way to enjoy 「Tsukihime Idle Talk」
- Play through 「Tsukihime」 once
- Watch everything on 「Tsukihime PLUS-DISC」
- -Read through 「Tsukihime Dokuhon」
- -Look through the TYPE-MOON homepage

- TYPE-MOON's website

*This is the introduction from 「Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period」

TYPE-MOON Long Interview Republished
Tsukihime Long Interview

This is the republishing of a long interview that appeared on the Mandarake home page in twelve parts (the second extra part, "Circle Introduction" has been omitted. We apologize.) on May 24, 2001.
It's no longer available on the web, and it's a very valuable interview that happened early on in TYPE-MOON's history, so we decided to fix up certain areas and republish it.
Most of it has been left the way it was when it was originally published, so it may be difficult to understand in certain parts.

Part 01 - The Night Before Tsukihime
Part 02 - Early Movements
Part 03 - Birth Pains
Part 04 - Decisions
Part 05 - The Lingering Moon
Part 06 - Idle Talk 2
Part 07 - Nasu
Part 08 - Eggplant
Part 09 - The Underworld
Part 10 - A One-Winged Bird
Extra 1 - The Six Hour Long Chat
Extra 2 - Circle Introduction