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Fiendish Saber Figurine Arrives in Akihabara

Originally appeared on ComiPress

In 2006, a figurine of Saber (from Fate/stay night) given away as a "hand-made collector's edition item" by a Chinese comic magazine called Donghua Jidi (Anime Base) became a hot topic of discussion in both China and Japan. The cause of the debates was the figurine's ugly appearance. So spectacularly ugly was the figurine, some shops in Akihabara used the picture of the ugly Saber as advertisement and poster.

uglysaber1 uglysaber2

Title: Anime Base Fate/stay-night Special Issue Giveaway – Hand-made Limited Edition Saber
Maker: Anime Base Editorial Department
Price: 30 Yuan (Magazine + Figure)

PC shop Twotop used the ugly Saber to demonstrate the contrast ratio of liquid crystal display. Ugly Saber was shown as the low-contrast image, and a Saber figurine from ebCraft was shown as the high-contrast image. Manga shop Toranoana has put up a sign with ugly Saber that says: "Garbage has to be thrown into the can."

Saber is the heroine in Type-Moon's PC game "Fate/stay night." Figurine of Saber is usually created by ebCraft, famous for its great model, which usually sells out the moment it is announced.

According to the Chinese review site HotGame: "The most important part of a figurine is its face. This figurine's face is nothing but ugliness. I have never seen such an ugly face. It seems like some gene alteration was performed."

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