Part 01 - The Night Before Tsukihime
Part 02 - Early Movements
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Part 09 - The Underworld
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Extra 1 - The Six Hour Long Chat
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Traditional Nordic mythology says that Valkyries are spirits that come to welcome warriors who have fallen on the battlefield, while Takeuchi rebuilt them as beings who come to kill heroes.

An abbreviation of 「Mahoutsukai no Yoru」.

「Five Star Stories」. 「Newtype」's poster manga, written by Nagano Mamoru. It'd take too much space up to explain Fatima, so just read the manga if you're interested.

See Part 10 for more on this.

Part Nine - The Underworld

"To kill or not to kill!"
Editor I'd like to ask you a question now, Takeuchi.
Takeuchi OK.
Editor About your activity with "Bamboo Broom": You released many works dealing with Valkyries, how did that come about?
Takeuchi I was asked by another circle I had been working with if I'd like to put out a book with them. I had an idea dealing with Valkyries floating in my hand for a while, so I wanted to try that. Why did I pick Valkyries? It felt like a good material to use. Whenever I think about ideas, I always think of them in relation to how catchy they are. Like with 「Tsukihime」, there's no other big catch than the main character killing the heroine in the beginning, so I wanted to really push that.
Editor Depending on the source text, the mythos revolving around Valkyries differs some, and I know your own story was built with your own interpretation. (*1) What would you say the overall theme is?
Takeuchi ...A romantic comedy, I guess?
Nasu & Editor Seriously? (Laughs)
Takeuchi Well, Nasu and I are both all about whether the main character and heroine will kill or not kill each other.
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi I like starting from that point. 「Mahoutsukai no Yoru」 was the same way as 「Valkyrie」. The story begins from the point where the character comes to kill another. How do the two come together? That's the type of situation we like our readers to enjoy.
I don't really have clear themes when I create stories. Nasu really does, though. Like we just spoke of. (*2) I just have a strong sense of wanting to make my readers have a really good time. But in order for that to happen, first we have to have fun. Then they can join us. "Entertainment" may be my theme for everything.
Nasu Well said.
Takeuchi I think I've said a lot, maybe talked too much. (Laughs)
Nasu This may be off topic, but this conversation just now made me remember. When I was first planning 「Tsukihime」, I wrote at the end "So, in the end, this just comes down to a question of to kill or not to kill!"
All (Laugh)
Nasu It really sobered me up.
Takeuchi When you think about it, that's what everything boils down to. To kill or not. I really like that sort of connection.
Editor Since when?
Takeuchi (Looking at Nasu) Which one of us got into it first?
Nasu I started with 「Mahoyo」. (*3)
Takeuchi Didn't you do anything else like that before? I can't think of anything that influenced me...I was probably influenced by 「Mahoyo」, actually. I really liked the relationship between Aoko and the main character.

Takeuchi Maid Theory
Editor Now then, Takeuchi... about maids...
All (loud laughter)
Editor When did you get into maids?
Takeuchi I didn't like them that much at first. (Laughs) But I played this one game, and that really got me into them.
Nasu No particular reason?
Takeuchi Hmm...nope. I wasn't interested in them at all before. That game had something lurking in it, though.
Editor I don't think there are many maid games out there that can really influence people.
Nasu Lately it's all maids these days...
Takeuchi No, the maid craze has been around for a while. It was a game I played right before we made 「Tsukihime」.
Editor Did you play ___ (blanked out)?
Takeuchi Ah, yes. That was...
Nasu He got one you've both played on the first try?! Just like that?! No, no, go ahead, excuse me. (Laughs)
Takeuchi I played that one before, but it didn't touch me at all then.
Editor (To Nasu) Which game do you think he's talking about?
Nasu (Looks at the shelf) I think the games over there can give you a pretty good hint. Was it ___?
Takeuchi Ah, yes, it was ____. (*4) That was it. (Laughs)
Nasu I win!
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi I really liked the blond maid in that game. I don't know why.
Editor What sort of qualities about maids do you find charming?
Takeuchi Quite a few, if I had to say...
Nasu He said something really interesting a while back. "Fatima is a maid, isn't she?" Fatima from 「FSS」. (*5) I think that really gets at the root of his disease.
All (Loud laughter)
Takeuchi Yeah, she's a very unique character. She has this strong will to serve no matter what happens. I think a character like that is very convenient to use in erotic games. That's the charm.
Nasu I, uh... I don't want to get into maid theory here (Laughs) but there's something dignified about absolute servitude, being the weakest member of a house yet having a lot of pride about that. That antinomy is what I personally like about maids.
Takeuchi You know, I really only like a certain type of maid, I think. No mini-skirts either.
All (Laugh)
Nasu Where are you taking this conversation? (Laughs)
Editor No no no, this is still related to the "Takeuchi Maid Theory."
Nasu Yay♪
Takeuchi They need to have long skirts and a serious air. Hmm... this is hard to describe...
Editor (Laughs) Well, please, take your time. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask Nasu about the orders that came from Takeuchi dealing with "Hisukoha" (*6) when you were making 「Tsukihime」.
Nasu Those were really something. Seriously. When I first wrote the plot, Arc, Ciel, and Akiha were very fleshed out. But then...

"So these three..."
"I want a maid."
"OK, I'll make one. What kind would you..."
"Twin maids."

I was taking these split-second counterattacks back then. (Laughs) I happen to like cook's aprons, so I said, "OK, I'll make twins, but one is going to wear a cook's apron. I'll take the older one, so you can have the little sister." And so that was it. I was in charge of making them. But when I gave him the script...

"They can't talk like this."
All (Laugh)
Nasu It's true that sometimes I can think up some pretty weird dialog, so I fixed it up. But then when I turned in the script the next day I saw this weird picture in there.
"Hey, what is this?"
"We're going to use it in that scene."
"You drew this picture specifically for this one scene?"

Love! Was he in love?!
Takeuchi Yeah. (Laughs)
Nasu I think all people who became fans of Hisui owe it to Takeuchi. To his maid power.
Editor Maid power? (Laughs) By the way, isn't Kohaku more of a "servant" than a maid?
Nasu & Takeuchi Yes.
Editor Is that OK?
Takeuchi NO.
All (Loud laughter)
Nasu No?! (Laughs)
Takeuchi I don't know why, but...
Nasu The fact that there's no reason shows just how severe your disease is.

"My first love was a set of twins." (Takeuchi)
"You dreamed it." (Nasu)
Editor The "twins" thing you were talking about earlier -- it seems like you really have a lot of fantasies toward twins.
Takeuchi Well, it just so happens that my first love was a set of twins.
Editor I see. Do you know anything about this, Nasu?
Nasu We were in the same middle school, but not high school or university. So I'm not sure...
Takeuchi It happened in middle or elementary school.
Nasu ...seriously? (Laughs) There were twins in our school?
Takeuchi Yes... there were.
Nasu Well, this is all in his head, so what does it matter.
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi Now that I think about it, one of the twins was bright, and the other was kind of gloomy.
Nasu You dreamed it.
Takeuchi No I didn't!
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi They were much like Hisui and Kohaku, though. But about my fantasies... I really wanted to make Hisui and Kohaku erotic characters. So I thought about what sexually arousing characteristics they could have. They were maids, and being twins is kind of mysterious, so I wanted those elements in there.
Nasu Always working on the catchiness.
OKSG ...Maybe he's the catcher?
Nasu Yeah, he's the catcher. (*7)
Takeuchi I see. (Strained laugh)
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The talk in the first half of Part 4 was much longer, but it was mostly the editor going on and on, so we cut it out. You'll get the general idea from reading it all, though.

Edited out, like Takeuchi requested.

Hisui and Kohaku.