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He even remembered the name of the place where we did this interview wrong ("銀猫亭" instead of "猫娘亭").

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Part Eight - Eggplant

Editor I think we're all familiar with Nasu's typos. (Laughs)
Nasu I'm convinced someone erased the characters for my name and replaced them with the 'eggplant' ones when I was asleep or something. (Laughs) Every time I type my name I know I type it right. But I can't do blind typing, so I always have to look at my fingers when I type. I guess that's when the little gremlins do their work. (Laughs)
But once I learn something, I know, it's hard for me to change. If I remember someone's name wrong once, then I call them that name over and over again. (*1) To be honest, I remember all that I've written, but for some reason in proofreading, I have it remembered as the proper sentence I meant to write, so I don't notice the typos. I guess that's how the funny names got out... over and over again. (Laughs)
Editor I see. There are some big typos that slip out during test plays, but how does it feel when people start pointing out errors?
Takeuchi Hmm... (Laughs) Well, people are noticing stuff that we didn't notice. I don't know... it feels like they'd have to be some level of professional to notice some of those. But there are some times where there's stuff like "KILL KILL KILL KILL KKILL"...
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi Sometimes I think "there's gotta be one or two," and I take a look, and what do you know... (Laughs) You can always count on him for that.
Nasu Count on me, huh? (Laughs) It's not like I'm trying to!
Takeuchi He never makes any big mistakes, though.
Nasu It just seems like the little mistakes I make are always really weird.
Takeuchi Or you always make them in the middle of the best scenes.
Nasu Yes. Right at the killer point there's always a seriously killer mistake. (Laughs)
OKSG Or when there's a really erotic name, you spell Akiha's name with the kanji for "tooth."
Nasu That was really shocking. (Laughs)
Editor Those are always the ones that seem to slip through.
Nasu Yes. Sometimes I even think these two let them slip through on purpose. (Laughs)
OKSG I did proofreading once, but I get so into reading that I forget to find the mistakes.
Takeuchi Yeah, I know what you mean. It's really hard to read it from an outside perspective. When we read our eyes automatically correct most things. I think it's easier to notice on a larger screen, though. If you check on a smaller screen, you always miss something.
Editor Are there any particularly fun typos that never made it out into the world?
Takeuchi "KKILL," maybe. (Laughs) We have a fan who has enjoyed Tsukihime since the beta version named B46, and he proofread some of our typos. And there were so many.
Nasu I can't look at B46 with a straight face. He did such detailed, precise checking, it's thanks to him that the finished product looks more complete. I don't want to say we had a problem with the other proofreader, WOrd, but he didn't do the kind of proofreading we were looking for, and let a lot slip by... so don't bully me too much about the typos. (Laughs)
OKSG Aside from typos, there was also just plain wrong Japanese. (Laughs)
Takeuchi Indeed there was.
Editor Like "Please quest me!?" (from the second Staff Talk on TYPE-MOON's homepage)
All (Loud laughter)
Nasu Have some mercy! (Laughs) That's just my natural self getting out. That one talk I gave that's up on the web should prove that.
Takeuchi When you bring up those mistakes to him, though, he gets angry.
Nasu I'm just trying to hide my embarrassment.

Editor I hear you doodle a lot.
Nasu When things are quiet and I'm not talking, I can get really into it. (*2) I scribble away, wondering if anyone's noticed.
Editor So you aren't strictly penning down ideas?
Nasu No, just mindlessly scribbling, thinking that someone would get mad if they saw me doing it.
Takeuchi But why "Chobitsu?" (*3)
All (Laugh)
Nasu In an interview with 「BugBug」, Takeuchi said "Nasu Kinoko has really hard spots, and really soft spots, he's rather extreme in both." I think so too, but I'm also a big poser. I can get really touchy when I write, but otherwise I'm just a really stupid human being. So much that people who enjoyed 「Tsukihime」 would probably hate me if they met me in person. (Laughs)
Takeuchi Nasu thinks "authors should be illusionary." Aside from their works, they shouldn't talk much. Yet he loves to talk. He's rather extreme in that aspect as well.
Nasu Well SORRY. (Laughs) I guess it's kind of backlash from that.

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The whole time Nasu talked about this topic, OKSG was laughing, which makes us think Nasu was really acting up.