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Main works: 「I Can Hear the Sea」 and 「Nante Suteki ni Japanesque」. Her sentences overflow with love, and center around friendship and what's important. All girls who like to read should definitely read her works.

The one on March 18, 2001. I remember 「Tsukihime」, 「PLUS-DISC」 (a very rare item at the time), and 「Tsukihime Hiyori」 being on sale at the booth.

「Kagetsu Tohya」 wasn't completed at this point.

[Tsukihime Idle Talk] Extra Part 2 - Circle Introduction
(This interview happened May 14, 2001)
Editor Thank you for the excellent comments. (Laughs) And I'd like to thank you for all spending such a long time with us.
All Thank you!
Editor ...there's still some room left on this MD. I thought about asking you for some written comments on another day, but would you like to do your circle introduction now?
Takeuchi Ah, OK.
Editor Alright then, question 1. When was the circle created?
Takeuchi Our first advertisement as TYPE-MOON was sent out for summer Comiket in 1999. I don't know the exact date.
Editor Please introduce your main members and their roles.
Takeuchi We have 5 members right now. I, Takeuchi Takashi, am the graphic and art supervisor. I'm also the circle representative. Nasu Kinoko is the script writer and game director. Next, we have Kiyobe. He's the programmer. KATE takes care of sound. And OKSG handles all the web work.
OKSG That sounds cool. I'm a webmaster!
Editor What was the concept behind your circle?
Takeuchi We had only gotten together to make 「Tsukihime」, so there was no real concept. We each just brought things in that we wanted to do, and tried to work together without silencing anyone.
Editor What events do you mainly participate in?
Takeuchi Our activity centers around Comiket. We also go to Sunshine Creation and Revo in between. This year, once we go out in summer, we won't be going out again for a while.
Editor So no Comitia?
Takeuchi We won't be going to Comitia as TYPE-MOON. We have been there as Bamboo Broom, though. I really hate going to places even though we have nothing to promote, so we won't be back until we have something.
Editor Did you manage to name all the authors who've influenced you...?
Nasu Ah, I forgot one. Himuro Saeko (*1). I really like her.
Editor If you have anything you particularly take care of when you write, please tell us about that here.
Takeuchi Just what I said earlier. (*2) I focus on giving service to my users. It's all about entertainment, I don't want to be mean to people.
Nasu I love being mean!
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi I don't like things that seem too self-indulgent or mean.
Nasu Yes, yes, I imagine so. (Laughs)
Takeuchi I thought about taking out all the parts in 「Tsukihime」 that were too hard to understand.
Nasu I love being mean, though.
OKSG ±0.
Nasu Tricking the users or cleverly pulling into the stories, that's what I like. Making the story like a puzzle. But Takeuchi told me to stop it. "Stop it just this one time."
Takeuchi What Nasu does isn't like a puzzle. "What does this mean? It doesn't make sense." "I don't care if it doesn't make sense. I don't have any intent of making it make sense." When he said that, I was just...
Nasu W-well, that was... (sweat) I still had a chip on my shoulder then. I thought things had to be edgy when I was younger. Now...I feel like I still need to make that effort to some degree (Laughs) But the old me really felt like everything needed to be sharp. If it wasn't sharp, it couldn't cut through. And cutting through is the easiest way to leave an impression to influence people's hearts. But in the past few years, I've realized that you don't just have to cut. You can engulf people, hit them hard and shock them that way. There's no need to be needlessly pointed, I thought. (To Takeuchi) I don't do it anymore, do I?
Editor Please talk about any episodes or happenings that left an impression on you during your circle activity. You talked about fruits earlier...
OKSG That was horrible. Right when I started doing sales, we got this present, and I turn away for one second and look back, and they're all gone.
Editor What kind of fruits were they?
Nasu Melons, oranges, pineapples, and some soft stuff.
OKSG They were in plastic containers.
Nasu I think when he turned back around the melons were gone.
Takeuchi I didn't get any either.
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi I went to talk to a customer, and I came back and everything was gone. The three of them ate everything.
OKSG Another fun thing about events is people getting there early only to find that no one has tickets.
Nasu & Takeuchi Ahhh...
Nasu That happened at the last Sunshine Creation. (*3)
Takeuchi What, was that my fault?
Nasu Yes. Takeuchi had the tickets. We said it was going to be busy today, so we had to get there early and get ready. We were set to meet at Ikebukuro at 9.
Takeuchi I was really busy at that time. The night before, I was extremely busy with preparations. My alarm went off at 7, but I didn't get it. "Why is this going off? BAM!" (He punched his alarm off.) And then I went back to sleep.
All (Laugh)
Nasu "Why didn't you get up?!" I asked. "Because my alarm went off at 7. But today's my day off. I don't have to go to work today!" he said. (Laughs)
Takeuchi I didn't understand why I had to wake up. That's what happened...was that fun?
OKSG No, it wasn't.
Nasu He eventually woke up at 9. I thought we couldn't get in, but Kiyobe happened to have one, so I borrowed another from a friend so I could get in too. We got in at about 9:30... but Takeuchi had all the stuff, so we had nothing, and were just like "Uhhh...what should we do?" (Laughs)
Editor So that's what happened at the last SunCre.
Takeuchi It was tough. That reminds me, while we were moving stuff through all the chaos, we saw another circle with a certain name.
Nasu JOKER TYPE (*4). Don't say anything rude to them. (Laughs)
Takeuchi There were so many people who got in their line by mistake. "I was in the JOKER TYPE line!" they said. Well what are we supposed to do? (Laughs)
Nasu TYPE-MOON is here, and JOKER TYPE is across from us. There's bound to be mistakes.
Editor Explain the true charm of your circle to us.
Nasu I guess it's the fact that we can sort of do whatever we like, like it's some big festival. If this was a company we'd have to worry about sales and stuff.
Takeuchi I like how everyone's responsible for themselves with circles. With companies, you have to bend yourselves so everyone can get on. With this, if you fail, it's only you who doesn't get to eat dinner.
Nasu That's also one of the bad things about the doujin world.
Takeuchi If you get too used to it, yeah.
Nasu If you go too easy on yourself, you'll just keep falling.
Takeuchi Also, if you're going to be in a circle, then that means you basically have to go to events too.
Nasu I understand why it's tiring, but it's fun, too. And exciting.
Takeuchi We get to talk to so many different people at events, buy doujinshi, and stuff.
Nasu There were so many people who brought 「Tsukihime」-related books to this event, I was so happy. Seriously. I could have died. I could die tonight. (Laughs)
Takeuchi OK, you can die tonight. Just come back to life tomorrow.
Nasu Okaaay...yes sir. (*5)
All (Laugh)
Editor I'm sure everyone has trouble with events, but is there anything you wish your guests would "refrain from?"
Takeuchi Don't talk to us for a lengthy period of time.
Nasu Especially when there's people behind you.
Takeuchi I know a lot of people coming want to talk with Nasu. And I don't want to make some rule of "10 minutes only" or anything, but if you're standing there for one, or two hours, it's just...
Nasu It causes problems to other circles next to us, too.
Takeuchi Yeah. It's a problem.
Editor Any future goals or ambitions you'd like to share?
Takeuchi Well, when we got 「Tsukihime」 out, we had a lot of feedback. We're not going to take everything at face value, but there are some things, for example, regarding the coloring and event images, that we agree with. Also about the balance. Regarding Nasu's sentences, some users say they're-
Nasu tedious.
Takeuchi Right. Tedious, too long, and so on. We've made a list of all the things that we think we should fix, so that's what we're going to work on next. As far as TYPE-MOON activity goes, of course, we won't move until we first have a "project." Once we find something we want to make, we're going to make it without any compromise. Then just get it out according to schedule.
Editor Finally, do you have anything to say to the fans who've read this far?
Nasu You first.
Takeuchi What?! Me first? Fine... I've probably sounded very self-important through this whole interview, and lately, I haven't been able to reply to a lot of mail and BBS comments for TYPE-MOON and Bamboo Broom. I feel really sorry about that. I'm going to be less arrogant and do my best from now on, so please accept my apology.
Nasu It just sounds like you're apologizing. (Laughs)
Takeuchi This is supposed to be something we're saying to the readers, right? I just didn't want people to think I was so arrogant. (Laughs) It's not true! Please believe me!
Nasu I don't know how to wrap this up very well, so I'm just going to keep working hard. Thanks for all your support. And...
Takeuchi Gedou?
Editor any case, that'll be on the recording, so...
Nasu Oh no! (Laughs)
All (Laugh)
OKSG What a nice way to end it.
Editor No, please, OKSG, you say something too.
OKSG Me? Ummm... I want to make friends with all the people who are nice enough to support us, so please come and visit our BBS... how was that? Cool? (Laughs)
Nasu Cool. (Laughs)
Takeuchi Yeah, very good. (Laughs)
Editor That's it. (Laughs) Thank you very much!
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See Part Nine.

Nishimata Aoi's circle. Since they were positioned so close to TYPE-MOON during the event, they caused even more chaos.

「MegaTen」 fans should understand this joke. Gedou means heretic. They're a race that enjoys remaining in the chaos of the dark world.