Part 01 - The Night Before Tsukihime
Part 02 - Early Movements
Part 03 - Birth Pains
Part 04 - Decisions
Part 05 - The Lingering Moon
Part 06 - Idle Talk 2
Part 07 - Nasu
Part 08 - Eggplant
Part 09 - The Underworld
Part 10 - A One-Winged Bird
Extra 1 - The Six Hour Long Chat
Extra 2 - Circle Introduction

1,000 CDs were initially pressed. For a no-name circle, this was quite a risk.

A free visual novel game creation tool. It is held on a higher pedestal than all other novel tools.

A system that lets you experience one event from several viewpoints.

Part Five - The Lingering Moon

"At first it felt like we had shouldered a heavy burden."
Editor And so, after lots of hard work, 「Tsukihime」 was completed. How did it sell?
Takeuchi We weren't even certain that we could sell the initial number we pressed (*1), but we figured if we spent a year we might be able to do it.
Nasu We'd figure we'd take it slow.
Takeuchi But they sold out instantly.
Nasu At first, we weren't happy, but felt like we had shouldered a heavy burden.
Takeuchi I was happy at the time, but NOW I really feel burdened. (Laughs) We got a request to do a 「Tsukihime」 only event. (*2) It amazed me.
Nasu Now THAT'S a real burden.
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi I was still working then, so dealing with the shops and all that was a real pain.
Nasu From January to March, all we could do was office work. We were ready to make 「Kagetsu Tohya」, but hadn't even talked about it yet.
Takeuchi In the end, we had OKSG take over all that office stuff, which made things a lot easier. When I was still working, OKSG had a lot more time on his hands. So we asked him if he wouldn't mind just taking over that.
OKSG I figured that if it would allow them to focus on what they should be focusing on, then I'd better just take care of it myself.

"The story perfectly fit the game system."
Editor What elements did users particularly like about 「Tsukihime」?
Takeuchi Probably the story. We both made the game feeling that the story was very good, so we were glad to hear that. But I think being coupled with a good system helped it a lot. I think there's a miraculous level of balance in 「Tsukihime」. The sound guy was really busy during development, so there weren't many songs he wrote on the spot. Instead, he made arrangements of older songs he had written, and the atmosphere fit perfectly with 「Tsukihime」. We also used Nscripter, (*3) an amazing free tool. I think all of these elements helped users experience and enjoy the story so much.

"I want to make something that will surprise people who buy it thinking it's some kind of fan disc."
Editor How is 「Kagetsu Tohya」 coming along?
Takeuchi Well, we're working hard. (Laughs) We have less time than we anticipated.
Editor I see that you're collecting works from your homepage to bundle it with.
Takeuchi Yes. We're collecting works from people who enjoyed 「Tsukihime」. We think this'll really make things a lot more interesting. It seems like a lot of creative people were moved by playing 「Tsukihime」. We received some comments from them. And guest art from very skilled artists. We also have to work hard ourselves to make sure they don't outshine us!
Editor TYPE-MOON was born to create 「Tsukihime」, but what are your plans for after 「Kagetsu Tohya」?
Takeuchi We're still not sure yet. We have an idea for another game, but we're not really sure about anything yet.
Nasu Everything will be decided after we succeed with 「Kagetsu Tohya」. And by succeed, I mean complete it. We're aiming for the bare minimum here. (Laughs)
Takeuchi We're still deciding whether or not we can really make something we'll be satisfied with.
Nasu We want to surprise people who think they have TYPE-MOON figured out. I really want to make something big here. Something that will surprise people who buy it thinking it's some kind of fan disc."
Takeuchi At first, we wanted to fill it with all sorts of different types of contents. We received a lot of suggestions, after all. About Satsuki's scenario, etc. We wanted to address as many as we could. And when we thought about focusing on certain things in 「Kagetsu Tohya」, we came up with certain unnecessary elements. And also things we wouldn't be able to do due to time constraints. In the end, we had to cut certain things out. But in the long run, it turned out to be more well-rounded as a result, I think.
Nasu In terms of structure, it's beautiful.
Editor I see. So we can get really excited for it?
Nasu & Takeuchi No no no no! It's just a "party!" (*4)
Takeuchi We simply don't want people to get too excited. 「Kagetsu Tohya」 is kind of like the final present to people who enjoyed 「Tsukihime」.
Nasu It's just a conglomeration of silly things, after all.
Takeuchi In the scope of 「Tsukihime」's timeline, it is in a complicated spot. We thought about splitting it at first. Serious 「Tsukihime」 stories here, and ridiculous stuff over there. But that made things even more confusing, so we just put it all together. I think it's fun overall, though.
Editor So you want people to enjoy it as a "party."
Takeuchi Yes.

「Tsukihime 2」 is an ADV that will allow you to switch between scenarios?
Editor I'd like to talk about 「Tsukihime 2」 now...
Takeuchi It's all nonsense. I'm not even paying attention to any of it.
Nasu But we know how it's going to start and end.
Takeuchi Yeah... I guess...
Nasu Maybe we'll use two main characters and let you switch between scenarios. (*5)
All (Laugh)
Takeuchi We've decided on some detailed things. We sort of want to do it. When we were making a glossary for ourselves, I said "Well, you know, there ARE 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors... think about that." Then Nasu said: "I have. I'm kind of interested now. I'm starting to see 「Tsukihime 2」!" (Laughs)
Editor So you decided on there being 27 when you were putting the glossary together?
Nasu I had 10 in my mind in the beginning. But then I ended up designing even more, sort of playing around, putting characters like Type Mercury (*6) in. It's because we have all this backstory that it's fun to talk about what we could do. In our talks about 「Tsukihime 2」, though, we've gotten to a point where things are sort of decided. Or on the other hand, we realize "Wait, this isn't 「Tsukihime」 anymore." (Laughs)
All (Laugh)
OKSG I heard that if you did do it, it wouldn't be a romance. Does that mean no girls?
Takeuchi What, no way. Really?
Nasu Maybe 3 or 4.
Takeuchi Altrouge is the heroine, right? That's all I've heard.
Nasu It's all nonsense... so sure, she could be.
Takeuchi OK, next topic. I don't want him to start taking this seriously. (Laughs)

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This is referring to the 「Tsukihime」 event (月姫祀~秘初~) that was held on Oct. 8, 2001.

Or so they say, but you all know what the truth is. Thank you, Type-Moon!

ORT, 5th of the 27, and the Ultimate One of Mercury.