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Valkyria 1

Valkyria ■ワルキューレ■
Release Info
1998-11-23 (Comitia 47; Incomplete Edition)
1999-08-15 (C56; 1st Edition)
1999-09-20 (2nd Edition)
2000-05-05 (Comitia 52; 2nd Edition)

Also known as Valkyria Episode1 "SVAHILDER" + α. A doujinshi series by Takeuchi. The story is about Valkyries seeking out heroes whom they train and eventually collect the soul of.

Multiple episodes where released during at Comitia between 1998 and 1999:

Each episode takes place in the same world, but focuses on a different Valkyrie during a different time period. There are a total of three major story episodes: Valkyria Episode 1 (the story of Svahhilde), Valkyria Episode 2 (the story of Qrowbet), and Valkyria NEAV SAGA (the story of Neavhilde).

Valkyria 1's last chapter is titled "Valkyria 1.5," and is about the story of Svahhilde during her childhood.