Site Update: 2012-08-04

Now that we've finally finished everything there is to do in Diablo 3 (until the next patch comes out, that is), time to catch up on site updates and putting out some stuff that's been sitting on the back burner.

First up, we have a discussion between Nasu and Takeuchi on Fate/hollow ataraxia from Fate/complete material 5 from a new translator. Our proofreader fell asleep. It's been taken offline for another round of editing, sorry for the inconvenience! Next, with the recent announcement regarding Chunsoft's plan to release their sound novels in the U.S., we present to you an Canaan interview with Chunsoft and TYPE-MOON from TYPE-MOON Ace 3. For those of you waiting for the film adapation of Mirai Fukuin, there's the interview with ufotable's Director of Photography Terao Yuichi. Finally, the "Talk: Nasu Kinoko X Urobuchi Gen" we released a while back was actually incomplete, missing approximately half of the pages, we have now finished translating the rest, so please check out the complete version!

Phew! We hope you enjoy this big update. There are more stuff in the pipeline, let's just hope we don't get sidetracked playing other games this time around...

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