tsukihime fate mahoyo rakkyo merubura

Angel Voice

Angel Voice
Release Info
1999-05-04 (Comitia 48)
1999-09-30 (2nd Edition)
2001-05-13 (In Tsukihime Dokuhon)

One of the earliest works by Takeuchi and Nasu. Released during Comitia 48 under the circle Koshikake Club (腰掛倶楽部, name of Nasu and Takeuchi's old, old circle during their doujin days). A doujin anthology that contains the short novel "Notes." written by Nasu, and the manga "clowick canaan-vail" drawn by Takeuchi. The content was included in Tsukihime Dokuhon.

Below is a comment from Nasu translated by EvoSpace:

This was what I wrote when I was invited to make an anthology comic on the topic of angels.
However, the anthology wasn't text based and the other two were artists, so I was in trouble.
What is the meaning of a novel when over half of the book was pictures?
Especially when it's a short novel. That's how I came up with the irregular "Notes" after my doubtfulness.
I remember that I was pretty satisfied with what I came up with, considering that it was completed in a short amount of time.
Although, it's unpleasant to the eyes, it brings back memories when I cut and pasted what I typed out from the word processor.
...If I ever get a chance, I would like to make this into a real series of story too.
I always think about that when I look at the Black Barrel.