New TM Game in the works?!/humanity6/status/185364482611093504

"Can't reveal any details, but the new work that will come after Mahoyo is progressing little by little, so please look forward to it"

Several possibilities...

  • DDD - Not really new so I'd count that out
  • Tsukihime remake - Would this qualify as new?
  • Girls' Work - Original a game, now an anime, back to game?
  • Mahoyo 2 - Nasu did mention in an interview that Mahoyo will be a 3-part saga
  • Tsukihime 2 - Was mentioned in Hollow material
  • Something totally new

Mahotsukai, a 3-part saga? I do want to see what this saga is all about. Also, Tsukihime remake. I do want them to work with that. Prices for the original Tsukihime are insane nowadays.

Yup, 3-parts.

How will the three parts be organized?

Nasu: The original Mahou Tsukai no Yoru only contains one episode, mainly because when I finished writing it, I told myself "I'll write part two when I have settled down a bit" while at the same time writing Kara no Kyoukai. As a result part two still doesn't exist. Now that part one has been remade, it would be nice to finish part two and three as well, then it'll be a brand new work that spans over a period of 10 years. It'll be an important topic for Nasu Kinoko, but I have no idea when I'll finish it (laughs).